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here at The Cash Kings Betting, our mission is to team up with Australia’s leading betting experts, and provide their knowledge & insights directly to you on a silver platter. Our investments range from low, medium & high risk.


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It’s important you start off on the right step, and we can help you find that step with a suitable investment option to suit your ambitions, bankroll and lifestyle.

Expert Guidance

Our team of highly skilled matched bettors have a total combined experience in this field of over 20 years! It is estimated that the Cash Kings have helped our members earn a combined total of a massive $30m.

Multiple Betting Systems

No matter your bankroll size or skill level, we have a betting system just for you. Starting from small low-risk sport bets, to punting racing promotions, all the way up to highly scalable Betfair trading.

Ongoing 24/7 Support

Once you are a member you won’t be left in the dark, our support team is here for ongoing assistance. In addition, members also gain access to forums and a live chat with a community-base of over 1000 members.


While any average Joe can apply basic matched betting methods and make a buck or two, the real pros know the importance of statistics for maximizing your profits. Every Cash Kings service uses a data source to gain an edge over the average matched bettor and thus helps our clients maximise their potential.

Advanced Calculators & Resources

All the necessary calculators and tools are located right here on our website, from advanced Betfair calculators, recording sheets, bookie cheat-sheets and more!

Over $30mm generated for Australian punters

Expert instructors with a wealth of knowledge and experience

Access to a community of like minded people


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Don’t take our word for it – our happy customers are keen to share their stories!

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“It has been absolutely mental… probably one of the best experiences and best 5 months of my life. In 5 months I have done over $17,000 in Profits!”.


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"You can start with $1000 and grow that account up to $10,000 very easily I can’t recommend it enough. It’s life-changing, I’ve seen it change peoples lives who are close to me, you just need to get start."


1 months


3 months


6 months


“I’ve learnt so much and just wanted to give a well overdue thank you to Cash Kings for helping me change my mug-punting habits”.


1 months


3 months


6 months


“As a Menulog delivery driver you don’t get paid a lot of money, there were weeks where I would make $36 dollars. Wow, why am I living off this, it was a bit depressing. I was sick and tired of it”.


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3 months


6 months

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