Let me show you one example of Matched Betting. Note there are many more ways to obtain bonus bets... not just through first deposit offers. This is simply the most basic example and easiest for most people to follow. Ladbrokes are offering a first deposit bonus Deposit $500 and get $500 in bonus bets. Bonus Bets cannot be withdrawn without fulfilling turnover requirements first. This is what makes it “not real” or “withdrawable”. If a bonus bet wins the bookmaker will take back the stake and you only get the winnings of the bet. The aim is to turn this into money that can be withdrawn by placing the bonus on an underdog and backing the favourite on another agency. Applying Matched Betting methods we are going to turn $200 of this bonus bet into real withdrawable cash on an AFL game Sydney vs Essendon.

Choosing the best odds and using our calculators we can then find what bets to place.

Bet 1: Ladbrokes (Essendon)$200 (Bonus Stake) @ 4.8 odds
Bet 2: Williamhill (Sydney)$608 (Stake) @ 1.25 odds

The total investment in this case is only $608 since the $200 bonus stake is a free bet.

OutcomesFederer WinsNadal Wins
Proof608*1.25 = $760 760-608 =
$152 Profit
200*4.8-200 = $760 760-608 = $152 Profit
Result$152 Profit$152 Profit
From this bet we have made $152 of risk free profit. We have successfully converted 76% of the bonus bet value into real cash. 95% of the time the favourite will win and you can withdraw that money straight away. In the scenario where the bonus bet (underdog) wins, you still make the same profit but you need to fulfill turnover requirements to make the money withdrawable. We teach members simple and easy methods of doing this risk free. It is not an issue at all.