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  • Detailed analysis and all related betting selections
  • Staking plan for each race, so you know how much to have on each tip
  • Ratings and Estimated Price guide
  • Best Bets, Best Value Bets, Best Lay Bets, Same Race Multi Bets, Each Way Bets
  • Educational resources including Bankroll Management, Mindset Trainingand professional in-depth advice from one of the leading experts in the game.
  • Weekly performance summaries


Our newest acquisition, THE CANNON, brings with him just over a decade of racing knowledge and experience and we're excited to have him aboard our growing platform! His journey has transitioned from punting on the side whilst working retail jobs into full time racing analysis for both himself and the growing community that follows him and as it stands currently, he also boasts an impressive working resume, having assisted high-profile Victoria-based trainers and other associated connections with detailed speedmaps and formulating race-day plans to suit their runner.

After operating a free tipping service for the better part of a year and a half, he opted to take his service public in August 2020 and members of his service "The Cannon" have netted almost 400 units since then. He's one of the best value hunters in the game at this moment and we're excited to see what he can do!


Price calculated using TIPPED PRICE or if specifically advised on tip sheet, BET365 price at open/jump

Price factors in deductions


Price calculated using BSP, TOP TOTE or Best fixed price at jump

Price factors include deductions


Simply select a plan that suits your needs below. Be mindful that spots are subject to availability and you may be eligible to join a waiting list should we be at full capacity so make sure to secure your spot today! As a value hunter, we look for above-the-odds selections and the more members that jump on, the less value we’re able to secure as the price drops, hence the need to cap our members so select your plan below to secure your spot before we fill up!

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Annual Subscription

Daily Analysis, Ratings and Estimated Price guide 3-5 days per week.

Staking recommendations for each selection.

Best Bets, Best Value Bets, Best Lay Bets, Same Race Multi Bets, Each Way Bets.

Ratings and Estimated Price guide.

Educational resources including Bankroll Management, Mindset Training and professional in-depth advice from one of the leading experts in the game.

Weekly performance summaries.

No lock in contracts.

No cancellation fees.

Full Ongoing Support.

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93 Spots Left Before Doors Are Closed

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93 Spots Left Before Doors Are Closed

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93 Spots Left Before Doors Are Closed

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93 Spots Left Before Doors Are Closed



You’ll receive a notification from our Telegram Group named “CK – The Cannon – Notifications”. Notifications regarding tips and analysis will usually arrive the night prior to race day or the early hours of the morning so make sure to set your mobile device to “loud” as not to miss any of the action!

We use a Private Telegram Group. Once subscriber, you will automatically receive an email which gives you the URL. Click it, and you will automatically sub into our channel! This way we can direct message you on your phone as soon as the tips are live.
TLess than 5 minutes every race day on average to get your bets on! Our service is very traditional in the sense that we send out the full day’s play several hours prior to jump with staking included and it’s up to you whether you wish to back them with the advised bookmaker (to secure the best price on each runner) or simply choose your favourite bookie and “set and forget”.
We currently offer a 1 month and 3-month subscription package that may be preferable should you be hesitant to commit to a 6 or 12-month offer. Be mindful the higher tier packages come at a discount rate and will save you money on our services in the long run should you wish to continue your subscription. Rates can be found right above this Q & A section.
This is a non-promotional tipping service. The only promotion our service utilises on occasion is Bet365’s “Odds Drift Protector” but an absence of which wouldn’t necessarily mean you’re unable to back our selections. We primarily bet on non-promo races all throughout the week and we don’t take 2nd/3rd money-back offers into account when making our selections. You may need a Sportsbet however if you wish to follow our SAME RACE MULTIS and HEAD TO HEAD bets. It is also advisable to open a range of bookmaker accounts to allow you to secure the best prices available.
We recommend a starting bankroll of 300 units. For example, if your starting bankroll is $3000, each unit is $10 as a $3000 bankroll divided by 300 units = $10 per unit For punters who start with a smaller bankroll and who only bet week to week it may be advisable to decide early on what 1 unit should be valued at and go from there. For example, if you have $200 to bet for the week and we bet on average around 40 units each week, then you may divide $200 by 40 units = $5 per unit. That said, we always advise a 300 unit bankroll to begin with as your results may vary from ours if you decide to alter the units week by week.
While we aim to bet 3-5 racedays per week the number of bets and unit staking will vary depending on the perceived value available. Some days may be value-rich, betting into the majority of races on a particular card whilst others might be very thin, betting into only one or two or on rare occasions, none at all if there are no suitable betting races. Patience is of vital importance for this system to work and as the adage goes, we aim for QUALITY over quantity.
We primarily stick to Victoria, mainly country racing but some metro meetings where applicable. We choose Victoria as our analyst knows the jockey pools + track conversions best and in the tipping game, familiar territory is always a better hunting ground. As for how many cards, we tend to cover just one card per day as each card can take our analyst anywhere from 6-8 hours to complete depending on the number of runners and betting races on the card. On occasion, if we have a night meeting we may update you with some late mail on our Telegram channel, but it’s important not to stretch ourselves thin. Some races may take up to an hour and a half on their own and it’s important to save our mental energy for the next day instead of trying to push for too much in one day.
Racing is more than just a career for The Cannon. He lives and breathes racing and refers to the analysis as “a language to become fluent in” as opposed to a system primarily designed to make money. He has spent the best part of a decade honing his craft and is more invested in his results than any amount of money you may personally place on his selections. A perfectionist through and through, he doesn’t readily accept failure and while many may commonly quote the phrase “That’s racing” and move on, he goes back on every losing result on a quarterly basis to determine where he went wrong and what tweaks need to be made for the upcoming races to ensure better results. You’ll be stretched to find a racing expert who accepts his many successes with humility and readily takes responsibility for his errors.
In the coming weeks, we will be uploading several educational resources and background information pertaining to The Cannon, so we’ll keep you posted on any important updates!