Matched Betting as explained is the process of utilizing free bets and promotions to make Risk Free profits. Currently this is the safest (for account sustainability) and the most profitable (because the agencies are getting greedy).

Arbitrage Betting is also Risk Free betting but the simplest version of it. It does not deal with promotions or free bets. It is straight mathematics, odds and calculations. The idea, same as Matched Betting, is to cover every possible outcome that can occur at and event across different bookmakers and/or exchanges. When done right, you can guarantee yourself a profit. The difference is in Arbitrage Betting you are not using free bets or promotions to guarantee yourself a profit.

Let's take a look at an example:

below we have a match between Federer and Nadal. Ladbrokes and Williamhill are offering odds as shown. This actually turns out to be an Arbitrage Bet opportunity.

Bet 1: Ladbrokes (Federer)$300 (stake) @ $1.8
Bet 2: Williamhill (Nadal)$225 (stake) @ $2.4
OutcomesFederer WinsNadal Wins
Proof 300*1.8 = 540

$540 - total investement (300-225) = $15 Profit

225*2.4 = 540

$540 - total investement (300-225) = $15 Profit

Result$15 Profit$15 Profit

Arbitrage Betting used to be very profitable but it has become much more difficult in recent times to find consistent markets that will not risk your account getting banned. That is why Matched Betting is by far the better option currently.



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